Quality Policy

For us, quality means to meet all the requirements agreed with the client. We believe it does not only refer to products but also to deadline compliance, cost-consciousness and to all our services.


We are convinced that this is the only way we can meet client satisfaction. We know that this level of satisfaction will be critical to determine our market position.


Zero-defect philosophy is the way to quality. Our goal is to do our job correctly right from the beginning to avoid flaws instead of having to eliminate them afterwards. We constantly raise awareness of the fact that there are imperative reasons for deviations in the desired standards. We will do our best to find them and correct them.


Deviations are the opportunity to control processes and procedures more safely in the future.    


We know quality is not aesthetics. Through the permanent improvement of quality, we are prepared for facing the changing requirements from client.


Every employee is a link with own responsibility in the quality chain. The General Management creates the previous, professional, technical and organizational conditions required for assuming the responsibility.


Through teamwork, employees have the opportunity to participate in the design of their workplace.


The quality of our products and services is strongly influenced by the quality of the components and services we buy. Therefore, we closely involve our providers in our efforts to continuously improve quality and actively support them in the way.