In our Electronic Department, we can provide from the simple circuit design for special applications and the update or customization of existing circuits to the makeup of complete developments based on state-of-the-art components.


Dedicated tools, like design software for PCBs (printed circuits), development boards for simulation and programming of processors, special microcontrollers, DSPs, IDE environments for programming on different PC application operating systems for interface, analogue and communication instruments, are some of the means that allow us to work in the provision of complete solutions.


Furthermore, combining our design competence and mechanical development, we can conceive the operating environment (cabinets, drivers, connectors, fronts, wiring harness, etc.) that surrounds the electronics.


As final product, we can only provide the design (with all the information needed for manufacturing),together with a series of prototypes or even the study for a production schedule of equipment at large or small scale.