Complementing de mechanical part design, we perform engineering coordination, supplies and logistics that are necessary to produce small-scale designs of these devices, which may be our or provided by the costumer, and provide it in functional and proven conditions, and with the operative and dimensional controls required. Some of our possibilities include:


  • Car-body assembly fixtures (welding) for automotive companies (Body in White Assembly Fixtures).


  • Dimensional control Checking Fixtures for sheet metal part or plastic assemblies.


  • Testing Machines for Special Pourpouses (tightness, electronic and electrical, and explosion controls, automotive communication Buses and modules, special operations concerning drilling, threading, milling and/or assembling, etc.)


  • Special parts for machines, special spare parts, supporting structures, transmission lines, etc.


  • Machines for automatic manufacturing in CNC; induction, ultrasound and radio-frequency thermal curing and pre-curing machines.


  • Assembly integrated systems for assembly lines (household appliances, food industry, and flexible manufacture).