We have the capacity to design 3D mechanical projects in Autodesk Mechanical Desktop. Then, from these projects we generate the exploded views for their construction in Autodesk AutoCad, together with the material lists, the process sheets and the 3D files ready for being used to generate the manufacturing software in the CNC.


We have experience in:


  • Car-body Assembly Fixtures (welding) for automotive companies (Body in White assembly fixtures)


  • Checking Fixtures (gauges) for steel parts and sheet or plastic assemblies.


  • Machines for special purposes (tightness, electronic and electrical tests, explosion controls, automotive communication Buses and modules, special operations concerning drilling, threading, milling and/or assembling, etc.)


  • Special parts for machines, special spare parts, supporting structures, transfer lines, etc.


  • Preparation and conversion of files with numeric definitions in different formats.


  • Robotic Cells, automatic manipulating devices (grippers) and positioning systems.


  • Machines for automatic manufacturing in CNC; induction, ultrasound and radio-frequency thermal curing and pre-curing machines.


  • Cutting, embedding and stamping dies for production parts.


This vast experience of the people, who work in the design conception, plus the practical experience and the continuous follow-up in the manufacturing stage, allows us to find concrete and practical solutions at low cost, with the appropriate technology.


Our designers know the machine tools, the manufacturing processes (soldering, strains, thermal treatments, etc.) and the materials, and they work thinking on the person who will have to manufacture our designs and on how the product in the drawing will become tangible.