IN-COMPANY is an organization aiming at supplying comprehensive solutions through the project, design and manufacture of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic automatisms; electronic devices; mechanical devices and structures.




…Be the leading provider company of supplies and services in the national industry and strengthen our presence in the international market…




…Provide comprehensive solutions to the industry as a whole through a flexible structure, state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled personnel…





CONFIDENCE: Creating personal, professional and institutional relationships with the peoplewework with.



LEADERSHIP: The management skill necessary to achieve the outstanding development and performance of our resources.



COMMITMENT TO THE CLIENT: Placing all our know-how to our client"s service to accompany them in their development and continuous improvement. (QUALITY)



INTEGRITY: Being honest, respectful, transparent, coherent and responsible (in all aspects of our organization). COMMITMENT TO THE



 SOCIETY: be involved with the daily problems of the society, the environment and the personal development of each of our members and their families.



PARTICIPATIVE MANAGEMENT:Promoting the active participation and the development of commitment in all levels of the organization.